Good Green Juice – Quick Recipe

Getting back to it after a bit of a hiatus – still living the Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle! So I’m starting with a simple staple: Good Green Juice I’ve been craving Whole Foods green juice at home, so I tried this out for size. Quick recipe here – all organic for my purposes: 3 stalks celery 3 handfuls of kale leaves / baby kale … Continue reading Good Green Juice – Quick Recipe

“…the Uncle we all wish we had…”

  My Uncle Laurence passed away this November 23rd, 2018. There’s no way to put into words exactly what he was like because you just had to know him. And you were incredibly lucky if you did – and you’d never forget him. It was a blessing to have Laurence in my life. We met on my 25th birthday in a completely unusual way. He … Continue reading “…the Uncle we all wish we had…”